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Hauke Christoph

is an applications and web developer and has been a research assistant at the University of Rostock (Chair of Geodesy and Geoinformatics). His research topics arose from working on an InternetGIS solution for cadastral departments as the basis for the development of specialized SVG applications. He took his degree (diploma) at the University of Rostock in 2001. Within the intervening period he also worked as a research assistant for the wwr-project at the University of Luebeck (Chair of Computer Engineering), where he was dealing with XML-based multimedia training systems. Among his key qualifications he lists a deep knowledge of the main languages and technologies related to web development.
Current status:
Entrepreneur and owner of Wellenweg Werbeagentur

Application Engineering

Academic title: Dipl.-Ing.

Field of work: Geoinformatics


Phone: (+49) 381 27 44 124